Controversial / Debate Board Rules - MUST READ

New members MUST read this thoroughly and completely before making their first post.
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Controversial / Debate Board Rules - MUST READ

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This new board gives members the opportunity to debate topics which could be controversial or is something one believes strongly about, this can include, but is not limited to, Politics, Governments, Laws, Environment, Society or anything else that you wish to debate or have a strong opinion on.

*To have access and use this board you must have made at least 15 posts or more on the forum*

As this board is different to the rest, there are a few special rules that need to be followed at ALL times should you wish to participate, they are outlined below:

* No personal attacks what so ever
* No inciting or partaking in racial / religious hate and or attacks
* No threatening, abusing or putting others down, period!
* No discussing illegal topics (use your brains!)

The above may be added to and or changed at any time.

Please also understand that debating forum rules or forum matters is not permitted, this is not the place for it and will not get any results, all forum matters or issues are to be taken up via the proper channels, i.e. contact the owner of the forum or Team members to address or discuss all such matters.

Please Take Note: Due to the topics and nature of this board the Team have the final say on all things and have the right to edit and or remove part of, or in full, any thread or post we see fit for any reason we see fit with or without warning or notice.

We understand that some discussions in this board may cut deep with some which is why we ask that if your not 'thick skinned' or cannot debate / discuss things maturely and peacefully then please do not use this board, while we will mostly leave topics open and let them run there course if it heats up to much we will step in, some people will have different opinions and or views on things and we ask you to please respect that, just because someone does not agree with you does not mean they are wrong, nor are you right, it means they have a different opinion and or view which is perfectly ok and is their right to do so.

If your sole intent is to stir up trouble, directly attack someone, use this board to cause trouble or generally be an idiot then don't bother using it, this board has a one warning policy, your first warning will be your last, after which you will lose access to this board for a period of one (1) week, if you repeat offend then you lose access all together, it's that simple.

We hope that people will be able to debate things in a calm and adult manner, sometimes you may have to agree to disagree on something, that doesn't mean either party is right or wrong, to be honest there is no right or wrong when it comes to debates as every individual has the right to believe or have their own opinion, debate and discuss the issues or topics, not the person or their beliefs.

Finally, if this board causes to much tension or trouble it will simply be removed, so again please do the right thing, debate as much as you want on what you want but do it respectfully and treat others how you yourself would want to be treated.

Any questions and or suggestions regarding this board can be directed to myself or any of the other Team.
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