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About this section

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Sometimes it's hard to know what something will be like without first actually using it or trying it out, and as we all know most of the time this is simply
not possible in this hobby, most electronic shops won't let you take something home and try it out for a few days and then return it if it doesn't do what you want or doesn't suit your purpose, but wouldn't it be nice if you could! :}

So the next best thing is to read the experiences and opinions of others who have owned the same product or device or have had hands-on time with it, maybe even modified something and made it better, fortunately, you have come to the right place if it's to do with Radio and related equipment!

Here we will present reviews and write-ups of various radio and related equipment from our own members or the general public who have submitted them to us, as well as special modifications that owners have done to get the best out of their equipment, we hope in turn that these reviews and write-ups will help you gain a better understanding of any listed equipment you may be contemplating buying, or things you can do to improve equipment you may already have, most of the reviews and write-ups on here are from people with many many years experience in this hobby or who have grown up around radios and therefore have a very strong understanding and knowledge of them.

If you would like to submit a review or write-up for anything radio related for inclusion in this section, then please email the review in plain text, attaching any relevant pictures/documents, to us at help@rfgrouptas.com and we will check it for suitability and if it ticks all the boxes we will be sure to post it up here!

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