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Aviation Information & Frequencies

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Aircraft communications may not at first sound very interesting, and you may not think it will be very exciting or that you will hear much; however it can be quite the opposite!

Imagine you're listening in to your local airport frequency; for most of the morning it has all been pretty routine with aircraft coming and going, planes refuelling and then taking back off with passengers going on holidays or flying back home. It may even be private Pilots taking their small planes for a 'joy ride' or even the Royal Flying Doctor doing a patient transport.

Suddenly, over the radio you hear the frantic voice of a Pilot telling the tower he has a warning light on suggesting the landing gear has malfunctioned in some way and he cannot be sure if it's locked down in place. This could mean he may not be able to land; the tower quickly starts to organise emergency services and starts notifying other aircraft of the possible situation and to divert the area, or go into a holding pattern away from the airport. Next the tower tells the Pilot to make a low approach over the runway close to the tower so as they can try to visually confirm if the landing gear is up or locked down, the Pilot is now busy telling his passengers of the situation and then turns the aircraft towards the runway ready for a missed approach in hope that the tower can verify the status of the landing gear...

As you can see, what turned out to be a routine landing has suddenly developed into a possible emergency situation! Not only are the tower and aircraft active on the radio, but now also the local emergency services, Police, the Airport Fire & Rescue, and possibly others are as well. Thankfully this type of situation is rare and the outcome is usually good, but there have been a few emergency landings at Launceston airport and other places, as well as many other small emergencies which generated a lot of radio traffic.

There are also other conversations that can take place too, some jokes and comedy between pilots and also the tower, heads-up of interstate VIP visitors such as Politicians (inc. Prime Ministers), celebrities etc, maybe Military aircraft visiting or making unplanned stops, aircraft being refuelled, baggage handlers going about their duties, search and rescue operations, and many other forms of radio traffic in and around the airport.

Listening to Air Traffic is quite easy and as mentioned above sometimes exciting and interesting, as there are lots of different radio users associated with aviation. It's also a great way to keep up-to-date on any planes flying around or through your area. Usually the pilots will use easily recognisable chatter and callsigns, or simply state their company/organisation such as "Customs", "Qantas", "Jetstar", and so forth, making it very easy to understand who you're listening to, who the aircraft belongs to, and what it's being used for.

The frequencies below are used by various companies, private Pilots and Airports around the State; they also include such things as Baggage Handlers, Fuel Trucks, Rescue Services and Aero Clubs just to name a few.

Unless otherwise noted, all frequencies are in MHz and in the AM Mode.

Automatic Terminal Information Services (ATIS), Aerodrome Weather Information Service (AWIS) & Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF)

Legend: Frequency - Location

ATIS Frequencies

242 KHz - Launceston
302 KHz - Wynyard
332 KHz - King Island

112.600 - Launceston (Only while tower is open)
112.700 - Hobart
128.450 - Hobart
134.750 - Launceston

CTAF Frequencies

119.100 - Smithton / St Helens
124.200 - Strahan / Flinders Island / Queenstown
126.700 - North & South of the State
126.850 - King Island
126.900 - Devonport / Wynyard
127.300 - Georgetown
127.800 - Flinders Island

AWIS / PAL Frequencies
122.375 - Hobart AWIS
134.400 - Flinders Island AWIS
122.300 - Devonport PAL
122.200 - St Helens PAL
122.800 - Strahan PAL
126.900 - Wynyard PAL
127.800 - Flinders Island PAL

General Aviation Frequencies

Legend: Frequency - Location / Usage

118.100 - Hobart Airport Control Tower
118.700 - Launceston Airport Control Tower
119.100 - SES
119.200 - Par-Avion informal chat
119.200 - Parachuting
120.400 - Helicopter Air to Air
120.700 - Devonport Relay, Melbourne Centre
120.800 - Aus Marine Spill (Aus Wide)
120.850 - Aviation Sport (Aus Wide)
120.850 - Aero Club of Southern Tasmania
121.500 - Emergency Use Only
121.700 - Hobart Airport Ground Movements
121.700 - Qantas, AusWide
122.175 - Hang Glider Federation
122.225 - Hang Glider Federation
122.325 - Hang Glider Federation
122.500 - Glider Operations (Aus Wide)
122.600 - Wynyard, Melbourne Centre Relay
122.625 - Hang Glider Federation
122.700 - Glider Operations (Aus Wide)
122.800 - Mustering & Fishing (Aus Wide)
122.825 - Hang Glider Federation
122.900 - Glider Operations (Aus Wide)
123.050 - Bass Strait Area
123.100 - Air Search & Rescue (Aus Wide)
123.175 - Hang Glider Federation
123.200 - Air Search & Rescue (Aus Wide)
123.450 - "Air to Air" Chat Channel
123.800 - South of King & Flinders Island Relay, Melbourne Centre
123.900 - King Island, Melbourne Centre Relay
123.950 - Mt Reid, Melbourne Centre Relay (Western Tasmania)
123.950 - Table Cape, Melbourne Centre relay
125.050 - Aust Aerobatic Club
125.550 - Mt Rumney, Melbourne Centre Relay (Southern Tasmania)
126.200 - Roulettes Air-to-Air Chat ( Secondary)
126.350 - Traffic Broadcast by Aircraft below FL200
126.400 - Helicopter Resources, Cambridge Airport
126.450 - Regional Express (REX), Burnie & King Island Airports
126.500 - Mt Barrow & Tasmanian East Coast Relay, Melbourne Centre
127.000 - Melbourne Centre, Mt Barrow
127.900 - Air Services Australia / Air Shows Australia Wide
128.900 - ABC / Various Charter Airlines, Australia Wide
128.950 - Flight Level 200 and above Official Air to Air
129.050 - BP Fuel, Hobart Airport
129.100 - Aircraft Testing (Aus Wide)
129.500 - Qantas, Launceston & Hobart Airports
129.600 - Crop Dusting (Aus Wide)
129.700 - Western Aviation, Wynyard Airport
129.750 - Bass Strait Area
129.900 - Tasmanian Aero Club / Aerodrome Operators & Refuellers
130.125 - Jetstar, Hobart International Terminal
130.225 - Jetstar Launceston
130.250 - Eastern Australia Airlines, Burnie
130.350 - Virgin Blue, Launceston & Hobart Airports
131.000 - Fire & Rescue, Launceston & Hobart Airports
131.250 - Aero-Care, Hobart Airport
131.550 - International ACARS Frequency
131.600 - Rotorlift Company / TASPOL / VICPOL
131.650 - Eastern Australia Airlines, Devonport & Burnie Airports
133.900 - Roulettes Air-to-Air Chat (Primary)
134.875 - Chatter East Coast
135.475 - Night Freighters / Chatter East Coast
135.550 - Charter (Aus Wide)
136.125 - ACARS (Data only)
136.550 - Virgin Australia, Launceston Airport

NOTE: The following are in the Narrow-FM Mode only

465.7000 - Virgin Blue Hobart
469.6250 - Jetstar - Hobart International Airport
471.4500 - Qantas - Hobart International Airport
475.1750 - BP Australia - Hobart Airport
484.4000 - Australian Customs Service
484.4250 - Australian Customs Service
484.5500 - Qantas Baggage Handlers
486.7500 - Mobil Air Refuellers
490.1500 - Australian Pacific Airports, Launceston & Hobart Airports
494.8250 - Australian Pacific Airports, Launceston & Hobart Airports
495.1125 - Virgin Australia, Launceston Airport
500.0500 - Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF), All Airports (Some P25 usage)
500.3125 - Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF), Launceston Airport
505.7750 - Jetstar Baggage Handlers, Launceston & Hobart
506.8000 - Virgin Blue Baggage Handlers, Launceston Airport
509.6875 - Air Services Australia

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