Forum Rules, Terms and Conditions - Read Before Making Your First Post!

New members MUST read this thoroughly and completely before making their first post.
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Forum Rules, Terms and Conditions - Read Before Making Your First Post!

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Welcome To RF Group Tasmania Forums!

Scanning can be a wonderful and exciting hobby, allowing us to hear all sorts of interesting communications, be it local or distant stations, and gives you an insight as to the day to day operations of certain users and or services which there are many of, however with this hobby comes a great responsibility to those who listen in, and that is to always be mindful of what you repeat or pass on in regards to what you may hear, this is especially true of emergency services, security and or any law enforcement communications, because at times they can discuss very sensitive information or information that is not meant for the general public, and as such we should, as responsible radio enthusiast, endeavour to make sure such information is not repeated or open for abuse.

Remember that being able to listen in is a real privilege as a lot of Countries around the world either have very strict laws governing communication monitoring or have now gone secure on many users and services, so we are truly lucky to be able to monitor what we do and we should all try our hardest to protect that privilege by being responsible with the information we may hear.

Unfortunately though in this hobby there will always be a small minority who use such information they hear, or obtain from places like this forum, for their own illegal and or morally wrong activities, be it trying to evade law enforcement agencies or commit crimes, not to mention some who use information for the purpose of blackmail or other illegal / illicit activities, those types of people sadly cause our wonderful hobby to be negatively thrust into the media spotlight and in turn cause those who do not fully understand or know about the hobby to perceive it as 'bad' and us enthusiasts as mere 'criminals', this is something we do not condone and are constantly fighting to change.

Now in a 'perfect' world we would not need to have any conditions or rules for using this forum, though unfortunately as mentioned above there are always a small minority who spoil it for the rest and make it far from a perfect world, and due to the nature of this hobby we must therefore insist on some rules in order to protect the forum, its members, and the hobby in general, so we ask you to please abide by the rules and conditions we do have in order to help protect all parties involved.

Once again, ignorance is no excuse when it comes to reading our 'Terms & Conditions and or Rules'.
Failure to properly read all sections may result in suspension, termination of your account, as well as a permanent ban.
So for your own sake do not skip any sections!

If you've already viewed the Rules for using the forum then please continue browsing around, otherwise it is in your best interest to read them thoroughly before making your first post, to do so please click on the 'Rules' link situated at the top left of the forum (to the right of the 'FAQ' menu), or alternatively simply click here.

Our aim is to have fun and help you enjoy this hobby!

We really encourage everyone to participate and contribute as much as possible on the forum, no matter how small it may be, the more we work together the more we all benefit from the shared knowledge and help. Please also be sure to contact us if you have any suggestions, idea's, concerns or anything that you wish to discuss, we are not mind readers so if you don't tell us what's wrong or what's on your mind we don't know and we can't help or look into it, all constructive feedback either positive or negative can help us to make this place better, and don't be shy, we don't bite!! :D

Enjoy our forums!!

On Behalf Of The RF Group Tasmania Team.
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