State Emergency Service (SES)

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State Emergency Service (SES)

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The SES in Tasmania is largely made up of Volunteer members but is also supported by a small number of permanent staff. Through interaction with other agencies they provide many services to the community, including rapid response to road crash rescue, search & rescue, recovery, severe storms & floods, as well as a wide range of other general community support roles and services.

Communication is mainly done on the VHF network which is mostly repeater based, however S.E.S also has access to the EDACS "TASGRN" system and has been known to make use of it occasionally. Although at this stage it is unknown if they will fully transition over to it in the future.

Frequencies Used

Legend: Channel Name - Frequency - Repeater Location - Coverage

S1 - 78.7125 - Grass Tree Hill - Hobart
S2 - 78.7125 - Snow Hill - Midlands
S3 - 78.7125 - Grey Mountain - Huon Valley
S4 - 77.6750 - Bonneys Tier / Mt Mariah - Kentish / East Coast
S5 - 79.7500 - Mt Koonya - Tasman Peninsula
S6 - 78.9375 - Bradys Sugarloaf - arraleah
S7 - 77.5250 - Mt Arthur - North East / Tamar
S8 - 79.2250 - South Sister - East Coast / Fingal Valley
S9 - 78.1375 - Mt Horror - North East
S10 - 77.5250 - Table Cape - North West Coast
S11 - 77.5250 - Mt Cleveland - Far North West
S12 - 78.7125 - Mt Read - West Coast
S14 - 77.5250 - Simplex - Statewide
S16 - 79.0250 - SAR Portable Repeater - Statewide
S17 - 79.8625 - Statewide
S18 - 78.4500 - Portable Repeater - Statewide

The SES also has access to the Fire Service, Ambulance, Council, Parks, Forestry and other miscellaneous channels, which can be utilised as the need arises. In the past, the SES has been called on to help provide communications for special events using their radio system. Exercises are also often run, providing interesting listening. All callsigns and procedures used are very self-explanatory.

Common Liaison Channel

Tasmania has a 'common emergency services liaison channel' which has served well in the past. This channel is mainly used by the SES for multi-agency training and operations, however is also infrequently used by Ambulance Tasmania for car-to-car simplex operations.

Legend: Frequency - Channel Name
76.4000 - 'Yankee' State Disaster Channel, Programmed As Ch. 99

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