Read before asking your first question!!

A place where non registered members can ask for basic help and support to do with the hobby.
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Read before asking your first question!!

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This board is for the asking of 'basic' help to do with this hobby, in no way will it replace or take over from any other board on this forum, become a 'chit chat' board, or be used like one, those who do so will be banned from using it.

Basic help posts are just that, for example:
  • How to enable a feature on your scanner
  • Asking for advice on what to buy
  • Advice on an antenna to use
  • Asking for help with a programming problem
  • Having problems programming a frequency and so forth.

We will not reply to posts such as:
  • Program up a scanner for you
  • What scanners you own
  • What you like to monitor
  • How you cannot hear the Police
  • How you want to monitor the Police
  • Modifying radios to TX where you do not have a license to do so, or anything else that is illegal
In fact we will not discuss anything Police related at all in this board, we will also not go into in-depth discussions on anything other than to help with basic questions and trouble shooting etc, if you post the wrong thing you will be told so and given a chance to correct it.

All posts made to this board need to be approved by a Team member before it will show up, this is to stop spam, rubbish posts and or abusive posts too. You will also not ask more than 3 questions in one post, if you do then the helpers will choose which ones they want to answer, repeat offenders will be suspended for a period of 14 days.

As English is the 'universal' language spoken by the majority, please ask all such questions in English only, give as many details as possible, including model / type / brand, what you have already tried or done, what if any research you have done on the issue, and anything else that will help us to help you, if you don't mention what you have already tried we will ask you, those who cannot be bothered to at least help themselves a little bit first, or expect others to do all the work for them, will be refused help, simple as that.

It is also important to understand that any help given in this board is done so purely on a voluntary basis only, we all have busy jobs and real lives to deal with outside of this forum, therefore there should be no expectations of when you will get helped, or how much help you will actually receive, it is up to those who respond to your questions as to when they help and how much or how little is given.

All helpers must be treated with the utmost respect at all times, there are no excuses to this rule, if you become abusive, rude, demanding, argumentative, disrespectful, or cause trouble in any way then you may be permanently banned from using this board.

A helpers word on any matter in this board is final, arguing the point will only make matters worse and may see you temporarily banned.

Please remember that help given in this board is done so purely for the love of this hobby, it is not paid help so please do not treat it as such or expect / demand anything more.

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