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Tas Rail

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TasRail is the trading name for the Government owned rail corporation with the main control Centre being located in Launceston. The Rail Network has been built through some of the toughest terrain in the country and provides some very unique challenges.

As of this time, the Rail Network consists of the following:
  • 611 route kilometres of operational track
  • 232 route kilometres of non-operational track
  • 1.3+ million sleepers
  • 355 bridges
  • 3 tunnels
  • 106 Active level crossings
  • 143 Passive level crossings
  • 250+ Private level crossings and livestock crossings
(Source: TasRail)

The following frequencies are used by TasRail, some are local only while others are StateWide.

Main Traffic Vote Group

Legend: Frequency - Repeater Location - Coverage

162.3750Mhz - Millers Bluff - Midlands / South Esk
162.6000Mhz - Mt Faulkner / Dazzler Range - South Area / Devonport / Bell Bay
162.6125Mhz - Mt Arthur - amar Valley / Launceston
162.6625Mhz - Snow Hill - Southern Midlands
163.4125Mhz - able Cape - North West Coast
163.4500Mhz - Companion Hill - Far North West Coast / Melba
163.6250Mhz - Rosebery - West Coast
165.1750Mhz - Mt Read - West Coast / Melba

Other Frequencies Used

Legend: Frequency - Description - Notes

153.7000MHz - Rail Tunnel Rhyndaston
157.5375MHz - Devonport Yard - Yard Operations
157.5750MHz - Train To Train Simplex - Tas-Wide
157.6250MHz - Train To Train Simplex - Tas-Wide
157.7750MHz - Train To Train Simplex - Tas-Wide
157.8250MHz - Train To Train Simplex - Tas-Wide
158.2625MHz - East Tamar Yard - Yard Operations
161.4500MHz - Train To Train - Tas Wide
162.6375MHz - Rail Station Building Wharf Area Burnie - Local Coverage
163.1800MHz - Wilson Street Burnie
411.9250MHz - Port Ship Loader, South Wharf Burnie - 5 Watts
450.2250MHz - Tasmania - Tas-Wide
458.0000MHz - Tasmania - *
467.5000MHz - Tasmania - Tas-Wide
472.5000MHz - Tasmania - End of train monitor
473.4000MHz - Tasmania - Unknown
473.5000MHz - Tasmania - Onboard UHF repeater
475.0750MHz - Unknown - Tas-Wide
477.7000MHz - Tasmania - Tas-Wide

* Principal operation on 458.000 MHz is to be used for remote control of locomotives.

Track Warrants

When listening to Tasrail's Main Vote channel you will hear Track warrants being requested and put into effect. Track warrants are pieces of paper that gives the train in question access to a given section of rail. This is to make drivers aware of other train movements / work crews and for TasRail to keep a hard copy from both the Train Driver and the Train Controller of train movements.

A track warrant consists of the following elements:
Track Warrant Number, Date, To Loco XXXX (the leading locomotive), at XX:XX (time)

Box 1. Track warrant number ___________________________________ is void.

Box 2. Proceed from ___________________ To ________________On _______ Track.

Box 3. Proceed from ___________________ To ________________On _______ Track.

Box 4. Work between __________________ And _______________On _______ Track.

Box 5. Not in effect until _____________________________________________ M.

Box 6. This authority expires at _______________________________________ M.

Box 7. Not in effect until after arrival of __________________ at __________________.

Box 8. Hold main track at last named point.

Box 9. Do not foul limits ahead of _________________________________________.

Box 10. Clear main track at last named point.

Box 11. Between ____________ and ______________ make all movements at restricted speed. Limits occupied by train or engine.

Box 12. Between ____________ and ______________ make all movements at restricted speed and stop short of men or machines fouling track.

Box 13. Do not exceed _________ KPH between ___________________________ and ______________________________.

Box 14. Do not exceed _________ KPH between ___________________________ and ______________________________.

Box 15. Protection as prescribed by Rule 6.17 not required.

Box 16. Track bulletins in effect _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, _______.

Box 17. Other specific instructions: ____________________________________________________________________________________________.

At the bottom of the sheet:

OK'd at XXXX (time) by Train controller _____ Relayed to ______ Copied by _____ Limits reported clear at XXXX (time) By ____

Each box in effect is marked by the driver and the details are communicated between the Controller and Driver until the track warrant has been approved and in effect. Once the Train had finished with the track warrant they must contact Train Control and void their old warrant.

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