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Re: Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service (TPWS)

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Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service undertake many jobs in Tasmania, including but not limited to: looking after our parks and reserves, and also looking after, protecting and preserving our diverse range of wild life. They also help to manage, maintain and conserve the State's natural and cultural heritage. Whilst not an active user of radio communications, you will sometimes hear them talking to one another.

Below are frequencies currently known and used by the Parks & Wildlife Service and the areas that they cover. Please be aware that Parks & Wildlife Service do make use of a few of the Tasmania Fire Service and Forestry sites, as well as their frequencies.

Legend: Channel Name - Frequency - RX CTCSS - Site

T23 - 79.5500 - 218.1Hz - Clumner Bluff
T24 - 79.4500 - 218.1Hz - Mt Claude
T25 - 79.5375 - 218.1Hz - Hounslow Heath
T47 - 79.1500 - 218.1Hz - Dazzler Range

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