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Council Frequencies & Information

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At first it may seem a little boring or uninteresting to listen to your local Council, after all what could be interesting about that?

Well you may hear quite a few things going on, especially if there has been something like a major storm hit your area. Councils are responsible for clearing road ways when a storm has passed through, removing trees from across roads or bridges, unclogging pipes or drains, and lending general assistance to other emergency services in such times of storms or major disasters - for example fire and flood.

Councils are also responsible for maintaining everyday things like walk ways, parks, recreation areas, beaches, roads, removing trees, beautification of areas (gardens) and many other things that we may not be aware of.

Some Councils rely heavily on radio usage to maintain their fleet of workers; you may hear all sorts of things going on in your area by members of your local Council - and while it may not always be interesting, there could be times where it will be, and it pays to have your local Council frequency programmed in, especially in times of stormy weather.

Below is a list of "known" frequencies licensed to the respective Councils in Tasmania. Every attempt is made to update this list as often as is possible, based on local knowledge, public contributions and of course verifiable data sources, however we really encourage members of the public to submit any additions or corrections to any of the information where possible - so if you know of something then please share it with us.

Previously, local Councils have had the responsibility over Water and Sewerage; this has changed in Tasmania with the formation of one main water authority, Tas Water. Where possible, we have separated frequencies accordingly. Again, we ask for member feedback for additions and alterations on any part of this list.

Council frequencies will be listed alphabetically via Municipality.

Legend: Frequency - Site/Notes

Break O'Day
123.900MHz (AM) - Use Unknown?
119.100MHz (AM) - Small Airports

78.2875MHz - Council Site Cove Hill

79.7875MHz - Council Site Round Hill

Central Coast
78.3000MHz - Sullocks Hill

Central Highlands
77.1800MHz - Bothwell
78.7875MHz - Table Mountain
79.0125MHz - Brady's Sugarloaf

Circular Head
78.5375MHz - Spinks Hill

79.3375MHz - Mt Rumney
76.6100MHz - Mt Rumney

79.2875MHz - Reservoir, Kelcey Tier
76.5500MHz - Dulverton Waste Management

Derwent Valley
76.5200MHz - Unknown Usage

78.2750 - Mt Horror
79.9250MHz - 5w Simplex

Flinders Island
124.200MHz (AM) - Flinders Island Airport

George Town
77.1500MHz - Mt George
78.5500MHz - Mt Dismal

Glamorgan Spring Bay
79.6250MHz - Mt Paul
77.6125MHz - Mt Hobbs

75.5250MHz - Vieste Drive Glenorchy
77.7625MHz - Mt Direction
485.1250MHz - Derwent Entertainment Centre

77.0625MHz - Droughty Hill (Simplex)
78.8000MHz - Droughty Hill
79.2125MHz - Droughty Hill
79.9500MHz - Droughty Hill (Simplex)
463.9000MHz - Parking (DMR)
471.7500MHz - Events & Culture
471.8500MHz - Events & Culture
472.1000MHz - Events & Culture
474.9500MHz - Events & Culture
475.1000MHz - Events & Culture
475.1500MHz - Events & Culture
494.8250MHz - Hobart - Aquatic Centre

Huon Valley
78.9000MHz - Tyler's Hill
79.1625MHz - Grey Mountain

76.6100MHz - Vinegar Hill Sheffield

78.2750MHz - Grey Mountain
78.3125MHz - Boronia Hill

King Island
78.3250MHz - Radio Terminal Currie
128.7500MHz (AM) - Currie Airport King Island

76.5500MHz - Latrobe

77.0875MHz - Simplex
78.2875MHz - Mt Arthur
78.3125MHz - Trevallyn
79.3375MHz - Mt Dismal
464.7250MHz - Launceston Aquatic Centre
474.2250MHz - Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery
474.3750MHz - Parking Meter Officers (DMR)
474.8750MHz - Carr Villa Memorial Park
494.9250MHz - Launceston Aquatic Centre

Meander Valley
77.7625MHz - Abel's Hill
79.1625MHz - Deloraine

Northern Midlands
76.5200MHz - Council Depot - Longford
77.1500MHz - Reservoir Reserve - Campbell Town
78.9000MHz - Millers Bluff

Southern Midlands
78.3250MHz - Johnsons Hill - Kempton
79.2875MHz - Mt Hobbs

Waratah Wynyard
77.6875MHz - Table Cape

West Coast
79.2000MHz - Mt Read
79.3259MHz - Mt Owen

West Tamar
78.0125MHz - Mt Arthur

79.2625MHz - Mt Koonya

Water Boards

Cradle Mountain Water
76.8500MHz - Sullocks Hill
78.2875MHz - Mt Read
79.2875MHz - Mt Owen

Tas Water
161.2600MHz - Tas Wide
161.2900MHz - Belchers Lookout
450.1125MHz - Handhelds Tas Wide
462.1125MHz - Handhelds Tas Wide
471.6250MHz - Handhelds Tas Wide
471.9000MHz - Handhelds Tas Wide
475.0625MHz - Handhelds Tas Wide

*Other Water Authorities will be added as or when information becomes known.

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